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Steven W. Gardner, founding partner of Steven W. Gardner & Associates, has fought against insurance companies for 35 years and recovered millions of dollars on behalf of persons injured due to the negligence of others. Mr. Gardner and his team are committed to providing an excellent result for every case. Every lawyer on Mr. Gardner’s team works on a commission basis wherein there is no fee unless we recover money on your behalf.

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Workers Compensation Attorneys


We take the unnecessary risk out of trying to attempt a Workers’ compensation claim on your own. Industrial accidents in every county of Georgia are covered with some exception, by the Workers Compensation Act of the State of Georgia. It may seem simple but similar to an automobile injury case, where there is an insurance carrier involved , that company is looking out for themselves and not you. At Steven W . Gardner & Associates, P.C. we are “your collection agent.”

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Car Wreck Attorney in Atlanta


Auto wrecks cause personal injury, loss wages and losses in enjoyment of life.  Our attorneys are trained with Mr. Steven W. Gardner & Associates’ “Automobile Injury Steps for Success Program.” We break down the claim system and recover compensation for injured persons.

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Social Security Disability Attorney in Atlanta


We pursue the income benefits to which you are entitled when you a have been working and become disable due to a serious injury or disease that interrupts your ability to obtain gainful employment within the United States’ Economy. The government has many rules that apply to determine who is qualified and who is not qualified. Allow us to do the work for you and give you an opportunity to win you case.

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Immediate Assistance For Car Wrecks and Personal Injury

Steven W. Gardner & Associates Attorneys take care of injured persons who experience pain, discomfort and loss from automobile wrecks which were not their fault and obtain full compensation for their losses. Immediate investigation is a key technique Mr. Gardner and his lawyers  have utilized to obtain the valuable information needed to prove the cause and damage from a wreck. 35 years of representing injured persons gives Mr. Gardner special experience and knowledge that enables him to use the information gathered to successfully prove injuries which occur from motor vehicle wrecks.  The best wisdom is  –  Consider Not Waiting.  Don’t allow an insurance company to take action against you before you know what they are doing for themselves –  and not for you. (See below if you wish to know what the how the insurance company looks at your injury.)  The attorneys and staff at Steven W. Gardner & Associates are pleased to speak with you immediately, to help you understand your claim, to represent you, to let you rest easier – now- and to get you full financial and medical recovery quickly.

Every day in Georgia there are hundreds of automobile collisions in which Georgia Drivers are injured due to the negligence others.  Even the safest drivers are at risk because they cannot control the actions of other drivers, such as texting while driving, drunk driving, or inattention while driving. Most automobile drivers are insured by large mutlti-million  to billion dollar insurance companies, who have one purpose in mind: make a profit by paying as little money to the legitimately injured person as they can. These large companies have spent years developing programs to pay very little money to deserving persons who have suffered injuries and who may be losing income due to an autombile wreck that was not their fault. They take immediate action to investigate a claim to find and even mischaracterize a victim’s loss. They act as though they are “investigating and collecting information” but they are collecting information to provide a defense against paying.

The United States Social Security Administration provides that under certain circumstances it pays “disability benefits to you and certain members of your family if you have worked long enough and have a medical condition …

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Georgia Workers Compensation Trial AttorneySince beginning his law practice, Mr. Gardner has taken cases in cities all across the state of Georgia, from North Georgia cities such as Atlanta, Rome, Canton, Jasper Dalton,  Athens, Gainesville, and South Georgia cities, including Macon, Savannah, Augusta, Dublin, and Griffin, as well as many other locations throughout the state.

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Steven W Gardner and Associates Law Personal injury attorneys are dedicated to Georgians that have experienced  personal injuries from a car wrecks and all types of accidents from work injuries ( Workers’ Compensation) to slip and fall accidents, to disable  persons in need of  Social Security Administration Disability benefits. Lost wage and mounting medical bills need to be taken care of. We simplify the process. Steven W. Gardner & Associates speaks directly with you. All claims are explained. We provide clearly what you can expect, what the rules are, and how we are going to recover for you.

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You will find the many benefits in working with our legal team, whether you are fighting insurance companies or the Social Security Administration. We will help make it easy to file your claim and to seek the compensation you deserve. Working with our team heightens your chances of a favorable outcome. No matter if it is a workplace injury, personal injury, or disability, big or small, we are here to help you. Contact us today to get the compensation you deserve.