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What Everyone Wants to Know Before Talking To The Adjuster, Hiring An Attorney Or Signing Any Forms in Georgia

If you have recently been in a car wreck or truck accident, or you have an injury claim, do you know what you need to know? I have been through it. The stress mounts, time moves on, and the important questions are never answered by the insurance company. They represent themselves against you. Here are some thoughts advantages you may receive when you get the book:

  • Find the Pitfalls of speaking with and trying to speak with the adjuster – Why You may not Trust the Insurance Companies
  • Steps to Take When You Are Injured
  • What to do Now
  • Discover Why You May Want to Have an Attorney
  • Discover Ways to Find Out How Much Compensation You Can Get
  • Recognize How a Pre-Existing Condition Effects Your Case
  • Uncover The Costs of Not Having an Attorney


Georgia claimants quickly discover three things:

  1. Insurance adjusters – don’t answer questions; they may give a little bit of information to make you feel good but in reality they want to push you into to a quick, at a lowball price.
  2. Everyone wants you to sign form. Find out what records can do to your case. Adjusters, doctors and lawyers forms.
  3. Know the difference when you select an attorney. TV lawyer “barking” ads don’t help you.

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