What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Generally, a Catastrophic Injury means the consequences of an injury that permanently prevents an individual performing any gainful work. However, catastrophic injuries are not limited to preventing people from working. Catastrophic injuries occur from trauma which results in interference of an individual’s ability to perform the activities of daily living. In a general context, any injury may cause such a limitation or restriction of a person’s ability to conduct his or her affairs.

Proving the extent of an injury and how it affects an individual is the heart of what Steven W. Gardner and his legal team work to provide in catastrophic cases. Injuries to nerves, spinal cord, back, head, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and to crush injuries may all be catastrophic. The injury must be measured by its effect upon the victims ability to conduct himself , whether in a competitive world, it be inside a work environment, or be an effect on the individual’s ability to care for him or herself on a daily basis. Spinal cord injuries from improperly padded football players to motor vehicle wrecks to work injuries cause devastating effects. The problem is that most are unaware of the resources available to attempt to restore the individual to a dignified life.

The costs associated with a traumatic catastrophic injury are shocking and surprising to jurors. It is necessary to prepare and present the true and accurate picture of a catastrophically injured person to an insurance company and/or jury to obtain the proper and full compensation required. Throughout more than 30 years of experience, Steven W. Gardner and his staff have represented multiple catastrophically injured individuals. Please contact us to discuss Catastrophic Injuries if you or a loved one has sustained an injury of this significant proportion.
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