Child Injured on Playground? You Might Have a Case

Many private and public places have playgrounds for children to enjoy. While we love seeing our little ones having a good time outside, playgrounds do pose the threat of injury for children.

For example we had a case in McDonough, Georgia where a child shattered her elbow after falling from the monkey bars at the playground of a lodge where her family was staying. When she was taken to Scottish Rite for emergency surgery, the doctors determined that she would not have been so seriously injured if the lodge had installed proper ground cover on the playground. Operators of playgrounds have a duty to protect children from foreseeable dangers on the premises. This case dealt with the negligence of the playground owner to properly maintain a safe environment on the playground.

If it can be determined that the playground owner’s did not exercise the proper amount of care and their carelessness was a major cause of the child’s injury, they can be deemed negligent and you can receive compensation. Whether you are sure you have a case or not, give us a call at 770-933-8661 so that we can help you and your children recover.