Car Accidents: Why We Research For Prior Driving and Criminal History

You never know who may be driving behind you. Often the drivers at-fault in even minor car accidents have had previous offenses. Some even have a pretty long rap sheet. This is why our team at Gardner Injury Law is sure to always due a thorough search into a drivers prior criminal history and driving record. Here’s an example of a recent case where our due diligence in this matter allowed us to really help our client:

In Woodstock, Georgia (Cherokee County), while driving north on Woodstock Square Avenue, our client was stopped and yielding to oncoming traffic while waiting to make a left-hand turn. Suddenly, our client was hit from behind by another driver. The at-fault driver was given a citation for following too closely. In addition to obtaining the guilty plea from the court, Gardner Injury Law performed a thorough investigation into the at-fault driver’s prior history and records. Through this we found the driver had a significant criminal history. After further investigation, the Gardner Injury Firm presented a case where the driver at fault was impeached, or discredited, by his prior convictions. Steven Gardner, lead at Gardner Injury Law, showed that the at-fault driver’s prior convictions and sentencings were admissible as evidence according to the Georgia Code of Laws O. C. G. A. 24–6–609, which allows the admission into evidence of a person’s past criminal convictions. After deposition, the insurance company offered over four times the amount of money initially offered to our client.