Hurt on-the-job? When Do I have to tell my employer?

Recently we were working with a Cobb County worker, and informed her as to whether or not she needed to tell her employer about her injury on-the-job at the time she was injured. So, when do you have to notify an employer of an injury on-the-job? Generally there are two important times to consider. First, the time to let the employer know is as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Under the rules of workers compensation in the state of Georgia, the laws were set out to give the employer an opportunity to make an early investigation of any possible injury, to allow for an examination and diagnosis for treatment of the injured person, and help avoid the confusion that can occur when a claim is reported much later than the injury occurred. In the end, it will be the injured worker who must prove that they were hurt, and prove that they properly, timely, and sufficiently notified the employer of the injury. It is always a determination that will be made later so give this notice immediately or as soon as possible. Written notice is even better. There is also a second notice. If this is not done within one year, generally the State Board of Worker’s Compensation will deny the claim based upon the lack of filing notice within the time set by the rules of the State of Georgia.This second notice is the notice to be given to the State Worker’s Compensation Board of Georgia. There are various rules but generally a specific form, a WC 14, needs to be filed on behalf of the injured person to activate the case at the State Board of Worker’s Compensation.